Ryans Bar mitzvah Temple Bnai Aviv

Ryans Bar Mitzvah Gallery of Amazing Things

Ryans Bar mitzvah Temple Bnai Aviv

Ryans Bar Mitzvah Temple Bnai Aviv!!! Ryan celebrated becoming a Bar Mitzvah at Temple Bnai Aviv in Weston followed by a reception at The Gallery of Amazing Things with M.C James from PPP and his crew rocking the party….Mazel Tov Ryan and the entire Rosenberg family. To view more images from Temple Beth El visit my Mitzvah Traditions Gallery.

The Team:

Temple: Temple Bnai Aviv
Reception: Gallery of Amazing Things  Todd Schneider
Room Decor:  JM Event Productions  Joe Maceira
Entertainment: Premier Power Productions  MC James
Party Planner: It Events Julie Cohen, Lauren Chieffo

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