Flash Drives Versus DVD for file delivery

As you know I am always looking for better products and ways to deliver images to my clients. For proof delivery; first there was the paper proof in a spiral proof book which was retired long ago. Then came the DVD with your proofs burned to disk and delivered in a beautiful DVD case that no one can seem to find anymore. Well as of the first of the year the DVD is now retired, from now on all files will be delivered on a USB  flash drive. The same suggestions apply.
1. As soon as you receive the USB insert into your main computer and drag the files to your hard drive.
2. repeat number one with any other computer in the house.
3. Burn a copy to a DVD if you want and hide it somewhere safe, like a safe.

canningphoto flash drive

This is how they will be delivered, in a nice little box sitting on a bed of silk, well maybe not silk but silk like material

There are many reasons for the change most of them technical but here is a thumbnail of  the why
Storage is much more than a CD, DVD and even dual layer DVD. Soon, very soon, we will have terabytes of info on a single flash drive as of now 256 gig is available though you will not need that much.
No moving parts
nothing to scratch! How many calls have i had from clients with scratched disk, alot.
ease of transport, no pocket is to small to not hold a USB flash drive
faster transfer rate than optical media, so when transferring images to your hard drive it will be much faster


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