Bat Mitzvah Portraits

Bat Mitzvah Portraits / Deerfield Beach

Bat Mitzvah Portraits Deerfield Beach with Elaina

Elaina’s Bat Mitzvah Portraits with her family. Elaina was awesome during her portrait session held at Deerfield Beach. It was perfect weather for creating the images for her custom designed Bat Mitzvah Signature Album. Images coming soon from her Hawaiian themed Bat Mitzvah. Looking for more samples of pre mitzvah portrait sessions check out my portrait gallery here pre mitzvah portrait gallery

bat-mitzvah-portraits0001 bat-mitzvah-portraits0002 bat-mitzvah-portraits0003 bat-mitzvah-portraits0004 bat-mitzvah-portraits0005 bat-mitzvah-portraits0006 bat-mitzvah-portraits0007 bat-mitzvah-portraits0008 bat-mitzvah-portraits0009 bat-mitzvah-portraits0010 bat-mitzvah-portraits0011 bat-mitzvah-portraits0012 bat-mitzvah-portraits0013 Bat Mitzvah Portraits

to see a sample signature album  click album link.  Urban Signature Album

If you love what you see contact me to set up an appointment. I would love to discuss creating the images for your next event.  Click here and fill out the contact form to tell me about your event.

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