Andie’s pre Bat Mitzvah

Andie’s pre Bat Mitzvah Portrait Session

Andie’s pre Bat Mitzvah Session Miami Beach

We spent the late afternoon in Miami creating images for Andie’s Bat Mitzvah portrait session. Andie rocked it and we were lucky enough to have a great location to use. As with most pre-mitzvah portrait sessions we had time for 4 clothing changes. Just an awesome session with some great images for her custom signature album. Looking for more samples of pre mitzvah portrait sessions check out my portrait gallery here.  pre mitzvah portrait gallery

Andie's pre Bat Mitzvah portrait session Andie's pre Bat Mitzvah portrait session john canning photography03 john canning photography04 john canning photography05 john canning photography07 john canning photography08 john canning photography09 john canning photography10 john canning photography11 john canning photography12 john canning photography13 john canning photography14 john canning photography15

to see a sample signature album  click album link.  Urban Signature Album

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